We Do One Thing

We offer businesses a much faster approach than building big data cloud platforms from scratch by providing specialized data engineering services to deploy world class big data applications as a custom built turnkey solution.


The Outcome We Deliver

+ Analytics platform pre-built with your data and optimized for specific use cases.

+ Flexible design to let users run sophisticated queries and machine learning at scale. 

+ Value engineered using on-premise platforms like CDH and cloud platforms like Amazon, Google, DataBricks to deliver lowest price-performance. 

+ Train users to become self sufficient with the system. 



We abstract data engineering complexities to let domain analysts focus on using powerful analytics to drive business value. 


1. Our process is born out of practical expertise scaling the largest big data deployments in Southern California since 2012. 

 2. Our deployments integrate world class big data engineering with business process improvement.

3. Our value is to provide the market a Fees-for-Outcomes model instead of the traditional professional services approach of Fees-for-Service.


If you are responsible for driving Big Data, Machine Learning, and Cloud technologies to solve business problems, we know it is not easy. Your team may be overwhelmed by dozens of new technologies and hand-waving legacy software and services vendors. 

If this sounds familiar, drop us a note.