The Transformation: open Big data technologies like SPARK and hadoop gained wide market adoption as modern data platforms because they deliver data scale and agility at fraction of the price of traditional data management systems.  

The situation: complex analytics similar to workloads matured on traditional Enterprise data warehouses (EDW) require extensive data engineering integrations to deliver interactive user experience.

big data Analytics as a Productized Solution: Data Republic composes big data technologies into a ready for use analytic solution purpose built for your data model and queries making data engineering integrations transparent to users.   



Fully Deployed big data Analytic Platform Purpose built for your business Data Model and complex queries.

Average time to Deliver your first ready use application is 6-12 weeks. 

composed using open source Platforms and public Clouds for lowest tCO. 



True business value is in blending powerful analytics with human intuition to reiterate rapidly towards unique actionable business knowledge. 
Data Republic productized service approach dramatically shrinks the time, cost, and risk factors to put "ready for use" big data analytics in the hands of analytic users to let them focus on reiterating on analytic applications and less on re-inventing big data technology integrations.

Modern open-source data management technologies like Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop are built to handle data at scale from both technical and economic perspective. 

We MAKE technical COMPLEXITIES transparent TO USERS!


  1. Our methodology is born out of practical experience transforming dozens of enterprise companies from legacy data systems to Spark and Hadoop based big data systems including most of the largest commercial deployments in SoCal.

  2. We don't romanticize big data technologies or cloud services. We curate it to deliver the most efficient analytical system for users.   

  3. We believe truth in data management technologies is like diet and working out, and most people hate to diet and workout. 

  4. integrity.


If you are responsible for driving Big Data technology to solve a data driven business problem, we know it's not easy. Your team may be overwhelmed by all the new Big Data technologies and hand-waving from legacy data vendors.  If this sounds familiar, drop us a note.