We Do One Thing

We help organizations fast forward to measured outcomes by operationalizing big data analytics and machine learning applications in fraction of the time and costs of traditional IT build-from-scratch models.

How Do We Work


We combine the narrow focus of big data technologies and the application of specific processes in specialized services to deliver operational data applications at scale. We start with commercially supported modern big data system for superior price to performance, next we move to deploy the analytic pipelines while abstracting the data engineering scaling complexities to let domain specialists focus on iterating on actionable insights. 


Inconvenient Truth

Emerging Big Data technologies born since the first iPhone offer superior price performance over legacy technologies if and only if the right tool is applied to the right workload. Many organizations accept the big data cloud transformation as a multi-year journey and make significant upfront investmnets without focusing on validating incremental results in couple of months instead of couple of years. The hype around Big Data, Cloud, A.I. and handwaiving by legacy software and services vendors could be overwhelming.  


Our Ideal Clients

Are organizations with the conviction that innovation is not driven by technology alone. The courage to change status quo and enable cross functional feedback loops between insights producers and consumers, between the quants and the creatives to deliver better outcomes. 

Big Data Application Use Cases

  • Big data applications on large scale fast telemetry data
  • Real World Data analytics for high scale research and safety
  • Extend traditional Business intelligence applications to modern big data systems and large scale data feeds

We ab stract big data engineering out of the way to let domain specialists iterate on measurable outcomes.            


  • We value integrity.
  • Our process was born out of scaling the largest big data deployments in Southern California since 2012.
  • We care about measurable results and outcomes not burning hours and tool sales.
If you are responsible for driving Big Data and Cloud technologies to solve business problems, we know it is not easy. Your team may be overwhelmed by vendors hype of new technologies and hand-waving legacy software and services vendors. 

If this sounds familiar, drop us a note.