Open source big data vendors and managed cloud services offer modern technologies to store and process big data for 80% less cost than traditional data management vendors. But, it is challenging for users to perform complex interactive analytics without significant underlying data engineering integrations.   

Data Republic closes the gap with a purpose built big data warehouse optimized for your specific big data analytics. A turnkey system composed of best of bread third party software tools deployed on-premise or managed cloud services. 


We start with raw machine data and curate it into analytical pipelines using our end to end integration process to side step common data engineering gaps common in building complex analytical pipelines from scratch. The outcome is a turnkey warehouse which lets you drive your use cases from day one while optimizing for performance and cost. 



Modern open-source data management technologies like Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop are built to handle data at scale from both a technical and economic perspective. 

Disclaimer: big data technologies don't transform your organization into a data driven businesses, your people do. Otherwise, it's a technology expedition. 


Our methodology is born out of practical experience transforming dozens of enterprise companies from legacy data systems to Spark and Hadoop based big data systems including the largest 7 commercial deployments in SoCal.

We don't romanticize big data or cloud technologies. We curate and simplify it to focus on delivering the most efficient analytical system ever.  

We believe truth in data management technologies is like diet and working out, and most people hate to diet and workout. 

We believe integrity is key for a purpose driven life. 


If you are responsible for driving Big Data technology to solve a data driven business problem, we know it's not easy. Your team may be overwhelmed by all the new Big Data technologies and hand-waving from legacy data vendors.  If this sounds familiar, drop us a note.