WE DO One Thing


We offer data intensive companies a modern alternative to building big data systems from scratch.

We provide compressive data engineering deployment process and services to by-passses common integration gaps between big data technologies and traditional analytic warehousing solutions to deliver a purpose built Big Data Analytics Platform optimized to run complex analytics and machine learning models at big data scale. 

We assemble our platforms using open source big data technologies and deploy or public clouds services to deliver simplicity with flexibility and superior price/performance compared to legacy analytic warehouse systems.


Deployment Process Overview

Comprehensive big data analytics strategy. 
Fully assemble underlying big data building blocks
Deploy end-to-end data pipelines. 
Performance tuning at full data scale. 
Skill transfer to in-house data engineers to maintain and expand.


Data Republic core Value

Our deployment process abstracts data engineering complexities to harmonizing your data with underlying open big data tools and cloud services to deliver the most efficient purpose built big data analytics platform ever. 



We enable BI analysts, data engineers and data scientists to
reiterate rapidly on big data analytics and less on big data technology.
Our data engineering deployment process was born out of scaling the largest big data deployments in Southern California AdTech and Digital Entertainment Sectors since 2012. 
We don't build our own commercial big data software tools, we just develop the most labor efficient data engineering processes to integrate big data with underlying big data platforms to speed reiterations towards actionable analytics.
We believe truth in big data and artificial intelligence is like diet and working out, and most people hate to diet and workout.
If you are responsible for driving Big Data, Cloud, A.I. technologies to solve a data driven business problem, we know the hype machine does not make it easy. Your team may be overwhelmed by dozens of new technologies companies backed by venture capitalists and hand-waving legacy software and services vendors. 

If this sounds familiar, drop us a note.